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Once locked by staff due to me not getting approval until Nov. 26th… oops

Have you ever wondered what if a Pokémon gains a new evolution, a pre-evo or a split evolution, however unlikely any of those sounds?

This is about drawing the evolution or a split evolution of a prompted Pokémon line. Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon, Ultra Beasts and Paradox Pokémon won’t be given as prompt as many of those were never meant to be part of an evolutionary line to begin with. Pokémon that already had a special form, i.e. Mega Evolution and Gigantamax, can be given as a prompt.

During the sign-in phase, simply say “in” or a phrase with “in”, and once that is over, the host (me for the first one) will send a random Pokémon line as a prompt. The randomization in nature is the Random Pokémon Generator.

Here’s what the participants can do;
  • Create a new evolution stage. This option isn’t possible if the line is already three-staged. (i.e. all starters, Pikachu line, Bounsweet line)
  • If the 'mon isn't a three staged, participants should also be able to choose to create a prevo; can also applies to a mon with no prevos at all
  • Create a split evolution. This is your only option if the line is already three-staged.
  • Make sure that the evolution is distinct from the special form (i.e. Mega Evolution, Gigantamax) of the line have or used to have to avoid overlaps.
  • Individual participants should be able to request their prompt of any Pokémon they want shall their received randomized Pokémon isn’t sastifying or sounds too difficult.
  • This isn’t about regional forms, so regional evolutions aren’t allowed here.
These activities rules are copy-pasted from Kaiju Bunny’s You’re Not My Type, the main inspiration of this artistic activity;
  • You must have your piece done by the end of the week when the host pms you.
  • Be as detailed or brief as you'd like when drawing!
  • Please use an image hosting site such as imgur when uploading work.
  • Please keep pieces rated PG-13
Any question to ask should be directed to the host (be it by PM or in the thread) to help with clarification.

The sign-up phase lasts for 48 hours.

Once the submission phase is completed, all submitted drawings will be compiled in one post for every artists and everyone else to see!
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Now that I got approval from a staff, I can officially begin the sign-up phase this time.

48 hours to say “In” or a sentence with the word.

Low-Key and IoSonoNeon already said in before the forum got locked; if for any reason they do not want to participate anymore, they can say to me here or via DM.


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Sign-up is over!

I will distribute a random prompt for each participant and through DMs. Each of the participant will have a week to complete their art based on the prompt, though a reroll / personal choice may be possible for any participant not sastified with the given prompt.

Please do not post your result here until a week have passed or other further notice!


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A week passes, and here are our results from artists who did their prompt on time!


Hello, I know I'm really quick for this, but here's my male-only evolution for Combee, Dronetenant (Drone + Lieutenant!) As the name implies, he is based on drone bees (which... wow, serve no other purpose than to mate with the queen :zonger:) and has some design aspects from the beta version of Vespiquen too. Oh yeah, he also becomes Bug/Normal when he evolves into Dronetenant! Here's a pic of the full evo line if you need it:

Queenietuff evolves from Jigglypuff through leveling up while holding King's Rock. When a Jigglypuff is recognized as the best singer among its group and is given a King's Rock, it evolves into Queenietuff, the Singing Pokemon.

I tried to shorten its ears compared to Wigglytuff's and gave it Igglybuff's red eyes. Ngl this was difficult because the Igglybuff line is like, peak simple. So hopefully this isn't too out of place? ^^;

Turtillista, the Dart Launch Pokémon!

The Ravenous Pokemon
Shiinotic evo! Discotiic



The Luminiscent Pokemon
Illuminate/Tangled Feet | Dancer
Weight: 15kg
Height: 2,15m
Movepool Additions:
+Quiver Dance, Healing Wish
Stats: 80/45/90/110/80/120 (525)
While it dances, it expulses spores that make anyone around it want to dance until exhaustion.
It stuns depredators by flashing them with lights from its head shroom, the flash can blind them for about a day.

Due to difficilties in terms of prompts, I will offer four lines of Pokémon as prompts instead of just one. This allows less complications and more freedom.
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None of images work D: It only seems as there are links to the images that direct you to the dms where u the drawing of the mons are, but cus dms are private it doesnt let you see them


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None of images work D: It only seems as there are links to the images that direct you to the dms where u the drawing of the mons are, but cus dms are private it doesnt let you see them
Figured, thanks for letting me know. I already figured out the workaround and now the images are fully visible now.

If anything else’s missing, let me know!

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